Friday, April 30, 2010


So, this morning I got up and ran my 12.5 miles. :) I can't believe I'm almost to 13 miles! It really is amazing. :) Last year, I would've never guessed I'd be training for a half marathon. Hm... wonder what next year hold for me? ;-)
Ok, so one thing I really hate about all this running is I somehow seem to hurt myself every time. Don't ask me how I do it, but I'm guessing my body hates running. :) My shins are finally feeling better and don't bother me as much. But now my right leg refuses to get better. I've had a pain that was radiating, thankfully, it's seems mostly gone now. But then a couple weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my leg which has made it extremely hard to run. When I got up to run my 11 miles (two weeks ago), I didn't think I would be able to because it was even hurting me some to walk.... but guess what?! Ibuprofen is like a miracle! ;) I know it's probably not great to take Ibuprofen right before a run, but it really worked well. I ran better than I had in quite a while. :) The muscle finally seemed to get better on Tuesday, but than I think I may have aggravated it again today. Lame! This will be the second time I've done that. :-/ The time before I was working and was stupid and stepped up into the ambulance with my right leg.
Ugh, can I seriously just make it a month without hurting myself?! It's frustrating sometimes... as I'm sure you can tell now that I've let myself rant about it. I always think though that it'll get better if I keep running. Ha! I think I'm being really optimistic.... but I'm not giving up running so it'll have to cripple me first. :)

Well, that is what I'm going through right now. :) Work is slow and I'm so bored.... oh well. I'll get some reading done instead, I guess. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Laziness....might be consuming me. ;-)

I've been enjoying a lazy day off. :) This week I've only been scheduled for 24 hours and so that really leaves quite a few days off. I worked an evening/night yesterday; and Thursday, I work a night. Yay, for a more normal week! ;) Last week was incredibly insane, I was scheduled for 24 hours and ended up with 63 instead. I really didn't mind too much. I never do anything most days anyway, so I might as well work. :)
Lets see... I worked a Sunday day and night shift, into a day on Monday. Then, a night on Tuesday and Wednesday. A 7 hour shift on Friday. And I ended with a day/evening on Saturday. Yeah, I call that insane... maybe you wouldn't. :)

My greatest accomplishment for this week was: running 11 miles and living through it. ;-) I'm still a little sore from it but it's such an awesome feeling to know you ran that far. :) I probably shouldn't have ran on a day I was working all evening and night, but it was the only day that was going to work out. Thankfully, after 9 (last night) we didn't get anymore calls and I was able to sleep through the night...not well, by any means, but it was something. I came home after watching kids this morning and decided to lay down and see if I could rest. I woke up a little before 12. Apparently, I was more tired than I thought.

Well, last week was my last few days in the office. Since tax season was over there wasn't enough to keep me busy. I have to decide if I get another job or be incredibly lazy with just one. ;-) I'm thinking against the lazy part. Lazy days are nice, but they're soo boring and I'd rather be kept busy. Besides, it gets me closer to my dream of leaving the country. :) Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to leave for a few months and still make payments on my car. So, that leaves me witwaiting h until I'm done paying off my car... which will be almost 2 years. Talk about depressing! The Lord knows best though, and everything will work out in his timing. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Capturing beautiful moments

Finally, more pictures. :-) I'm so slow when it comes to actually posting pictures up. Anyway, enjoy! =)

I have so many favorites that I can't decide which is the best! :) I love these that just capture the moment perfectly. No posing. :) It's a lot harder to get them than having someone pose for the picture though.

What a cutie! I thought I had missed this shot because she seemed to move as soon as I snapped it. So glad I got it though. :)

I think Kayla took this one and I think it's awesome! Of course, Janessa would say otherwise... but I don't listen when she says all her pictures are bad cause it's not true. =)

Abigail's not really smiling in this one, but I still think it's cute. :)

This girl totally rocks my socks! I love her so much and miss her like crazy! She also thinks all the pictures of her are bad but I disagree with her. :) Isn't she beautiful!?! I'm going to have a hard time keeping the guys away... but I will succeed. ;-) We gotta look out for each other, right Kayla? ;-) Love you, girl!

Well, I need to get ready and head to bible study. Hopefully, I'll get some more pictures put up in the next day or so. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Right now, I am sitting in my room at work with 18 more hours left until I'm off. Hm... how did my life get so crazy the last couple days? Well, it all started at 6:55 (am) on Thursday when I was asked to work a 24 in Centralia since they had had a call-in. Than Friday night at around 9:30 I got a page for an open shift that night, so of course I took it. Then... after getting off work at 7 this morning another page went out for a day/evening that was open that day. So I took the evening part and that's what my life has been like so far. Pretty crazy, huh? ;) I started my week with 16 hours and ended up with 56 instead. You can't get much better than that! ;-)
I should be trying to sleep now since you never know what your night will be like. Last night, we got 3 calls and so about all the sleep I got was from 4-6:30. It was really weird but I was still wide awake at 2 in the morning... totally retarded. And I hadn't had any chocolate or coffee. Hopefully, I'll be able to sleep tonight... I'll need it to get me through tomorrow. My energy is slowly leaving me... :-/ That's probably due to the fact that I ran 9 1/2 miles today on little sleep. Not exactly a wise thing to do, but I had only ran once this week and really didn't want to miss.
Hm... I'm trying to decide if I try and take a nap before 10:30 or if I should just stay up... Kay, you're not on facebook to tell me what you think I should do! ;-) I'm on truck 151 now, at 11 I'll be switching to 111, and than at 7 I'll be switching back to 151. Terribly inconvenient if you ask me... actually, it's not really that bad, just means I can't fall asleep now. :)
Ok, I'm going to take a nap anyway, cause I'm about to fall asleep. That gives me an hour nap before I need to be up again. :) Night all!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

20 years... :)

I'm posting at 6:33 (am) and that's just a little weird... ;) But I'm up too early and have nothing else to do. Actually, I could find a ton of things to do. ;-) Like.... EATING! Haha. Ok, so I wasn't just thinking about eating. :)

This week has been going really well... mostly because I had Tuesday off and I get Thursday off too. Sweetness! I've not had a day off in the week since... well, it's just been a long time. :) I worked Sunday night and then I work Saturday night on the ambulance. Sunday night was pretty quiet and we didn't get a single call... not too unusual since it was in Centralia and it can be very quiet there. I was happy though because I had to work Monday morning and I didn't really want to be up all night. :) It's very rare when I want to have a shift with no calls... :)
Oh, something pretty significant happened during the weekend... I turned a whopping 20! Really? Hillary turned 20? Wow, she's old! ;) Yeah, Sunday I felt so old that getting out of bed was a pain. Oh, wait... getting out of bed is always a pain especially when it's early. ;-) hehe. No, I don't feel any different and 20 feels the same as 19.Hm... I really wonder what my year 20 will be like? My 19th year consisted of: many attempts at getting a job (what?! Nobody likes me?!;)); quitting violin lessons; teaching my niece to sleep through the night (yes, it was pretty rewarding); Bethany being born, being in charge of my siblings for a whole month while mom was gone with Nanny at the hospital; learning from the mistakes I made and having a joy and peace through it all; starting my first job; moving to Columbia; buying a car; starting my second job; buying a laptop; running my first 5K; and best of all, spending most of my year with the most awesome family ever! =) And that's really just to name a few things. :) I'm sure I could come up with a ton more... but than I would probably bore everyone to death. ;-)

The time is 11:15... how sad! It's taken me all day to write this little post. Oh well. As you can see I have pictures up. :) Finally! I have over 400+ pictures that I've been going through... obviously they all won't get posted, but I'll try and post up more soon. :)