Sunday, September 26, 2010

Green versus Red. =D

Well, my friends.... I have nothing to say. Literally. But I feel the need to post; no idea why.
OH wait! I do have something. :) I seriously think that Sonic needs to change their straws and do green instead of red. Wouldn't you agree!? I think it would be nice change. Don't get me wrong, I like red but green would be awesome. =) I hope someone agrees with me.... ;-) Hannah, if we ever open our bakery and we sell drinks.... we have to have green straws. =D

ANYWAY. Um.... work has been good so far today and I'm almost done with my 16 hours. Woohoo! I'm working a reverse 24 tomorrow (an evening/night into a day... not a fun shift) and then I work a night on Wednesday. That will get me 8 hours of overtime. :-) I'll then head down to Springfield on Thursday and visit with our awesome friends the Noah's and then see Naters on Friday and Saturday. =) Awesome times. :) I'll then return Saturday night and start right away on a 24 the next day. Don't you love my life!? Nope, you probably don't. But I do for the most part. =) Oh, and if anyone is wondering... I'm really high on energy at the moment. It's 10:00 and I'm not even tired! Truly amazing. Usually at this time I'm winding down and can barely keep my eyes open.
So..... I really have nothing more to say.... don't know why I'm even writing really. I think it's probably better that I don't write when I'm this wired cause I'm extremely random and write the strangest things.... Oh wait... I always write strange things. ;-)
Well folks.... that's all I have time for. My relief should be here anytime and so I'm going to be ready for when he arrives. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm alive! ;-)

Wow, I haven't posted in forever!! Even Hannah beat me with a post! ;-) Sorry, Hannah... I just had to add that. :) I did really like your post though. I always do. :)

So, yeah... where in the world has time gone?! I didn't think I was very busy the last couple weeks but I guess I was. Work is going awesomely well. I'm still only part-time but the last couple months I've been working 40 or more hours. So, I'm pretty much full-time. :) I've not had any really awesome cool calls to talk about (I know you're all disappointed... ;-) ), we do seem to run on a lot of stupid people though. Seriously, these people call and there really is no reason for them to call an ambulance. But, we take care of them anyway because that's our job.
Yesterday I worked a 16 and it was an insane evening! We seriously ran our butts off. From 7 to 3 it wasn't so bad we did a couple routine transports and then one 911 call. Both were BLS so I took them... which I'm glad now cause my partner got slammed with the rest of our calls. At exactly 1459 yesterday we got call #1 that started our crazy evening. That one ended up as a dry run (no transport to hospital), the next was an accident which wasn't bad at all and so I took it. The rest of our calls which equaled 6 or 7 (we lost count after awhile) were all ALS. Which means that they needed the monitor on and an IV, etc. When I left last night around 10:30 my poor partner was down by 6 reports. I felt so bad.... talk about a hard time trying to remember what you did for each pt. I don't think we sat for 30 minutes in the last 7 hours. We finally made it back to our base and tried eating dinner. We actually succeeded only because the other crew took one of our calls for us as they hadn't been as busy as us.... and also our truck was in great need of restocking. My partner and I got along well though so it was enjoyable even if we did work like crazy. :) We were pulling out of Boone and my partner said: "Oh no..." I turned and looked at her and said: "Yeah, I know... Full moon." We both laughed pretty hard about that.... somehow we knew what the other person was thinking. :) Oh, and I guess I should explain.... A full moon usually means a very busy night.
So, yeah.... sometimes when we work, we do nothing at all. And other times... we don't have time to eat or write reports. But it still is way better than other jobs you could have. :)

So, what else going on in my life? Well, I'm still trying to keep up with running even though it's really hard. We never did find out what was wrong with my heart, but I'm trying to stay hopeful that it'll correct itself. I've been really wanting to run another 10K but I don't think I would be able to finish. So far, 4 or 5 miles have been my max... and that's pushing it. How sad is that?! I'm trying not to get too frustrated by it but it's hard when every time I run I take my heart rate and it's 180's and 190's. I think that's why I have no energy after a run and just feel like sleeping. :-/

Today is my off day and so I'm making cinnamon rolls. I'm really not a huge fan but everyone loves them at work and now I've been asked to make them for some guys working at the fire station.... well, one station that is. We have a lot of fire stations up here. I've also been asked to make dark chocolate milkshakes.... but we'll see if that happens. :-)

So, that's about it that's going on in my life. :) I'm still my crazy, random self and most of the time I'm driving everyone insane, but who cares, right? ;-)
OH, big news! I did eat alligator this week and it was pretty good. :) I was pretty proud of myself.... that's a big jump for me. =D

Well, I hope everyone else has an awesome day! I'm going to enjoy mine! :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tired, but happy. :)

Well, I don't know about the rest of you but I had an interesting night and morning. And I'm tired.... if that interests anyone. Didn't think it probably would though. ;)
Right now I am sitting at work finishing up a reverse 24 and wishing it was 3 already so I could go home. Hannah, Jacob and the girls are coming this afternoon and staying all week and I can't wait! So, I won't be going home and getting any sleep this afternoon but that's okay. I'd rather be with the girls any day. :) I'm sure I'll be getting lots of pictures and video's and maybe eventually they will get posted up. I'm still so far behind on vacation pictures so who knows.... :)
So, I came into work yesterday afternoon and we had a fairly decent evening.... just a couple calls. I guess we had to make up for it though in the night. Between midnight and 5:30 in the morning we ran 5 calls and probably got about 3o minutes of sleep during the whole night. My partner and I decided at 4:30 that we would just wash the truck and work on our reports until morning (since we had to be up at 6 anyway). We got either one or two calls in that time frame and lets just say it was obvious we were extremely tired as we laughed about everything. So, besides being up all night it was a fun evening. :) The only legit call that we got was a little old lady who's O2 sats were in the 60's. The call goes out for a patient having trouble breathing. We get on scene and lady is sitting in her chair on a few liters of O2. She was perfectly fine, talking to us like nothing was wrong. We have her stand and pivot onto the cot and she immediately starts having some serious issues with breathing; so bad that she can hardly tell me what her name is. We get her all taken care of and over to the hospital pretty fast and last I heard she was in ICU. So, that was our good call of the night. Oh, and the really funny thing? :) When we got on scene and walked into the room the staff (I'm assuming it was either staff or someone related to the patient... didn't ever find out), was asking the patient in a very loud voice (patient has trouble hearing): "Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior?!" Wow, I don't know if that lady thought the patient was dying or what but that's just a little overboard in my opinion. I have no idea what the patient's reply was, but my partner and I got a pretty good kick out of it. :) What a great way to freak an old lady out....
The rest of our calls were nothing too fantastic and we finally got all caught up on our reports.
Oh, and this morning my new partner and I had an interesting theology discussion. Yeah... it was definitely an eye opener for me. People who don't read the Bible really don't know anything about what they're talking about. I won't go into detail about all we discussed cause we ran over a bunch of different topics in a short amount of time. :-) I can't even remember how we got started on it....
So, that was my night/morning. Don't you all wish you had a job like mine?! ;-) I actually do like my job.... it's a whole lot better than sitting in an office and you never know what hilarious thing either a pt or bystander will say. :-)

Well, 2 more hours and I should be home.... that is, if we don't get a late call. :) Hope everyone is having a fabulous day and enjoying this totally sweet weather! =)