Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My life so far....which means, just in the last week. ;)

I suppose I'm not a consistent person... obviously, since I can never post regularly. ;) I have been doing a lot lately. Mostly work and going home, but I find it extremely difficult to post while at home. It takes time away that I could be spending with my family. Oh, and the base I've been working at the last few weeks doesn't have wireless internet, so unfortunately I've been unable to use my laptop.

The most exciting news is that Nate and I are leaving for Florida on Thursday. Woohoo! I'm excited! :) So, I'll try to post either during or after the trip and maybe even get some pictures up. Which would be really cool since I never do that. ;) Not sure all that we'll be doing, but I guarantee it's going to be a blast. We're planning to leave Thursday around 4 in the morning. Haha, we're gonna be so bright and cheerful! ;) I told Nate I would take the first part of the driving so he can sleep some.  I might talk too much though, and he won't be able to. ;) Just kidding, Nate! I won't do that to you. :)

Oh! Another exciting piece of news is that I'm moving out of Elisabeth and Patrick's house (right after I get home from our trip) and will be moving in with 3 other girls. =) I've only met two of the girls, but from what I know of them already it's going to  I do know that two of the girls are going to be RN's and the other one is going to be an occupational therapist.  So, we're all in the medical field, which is really cool. AND, three of us have interests in missions. I'm totally excited about moving in with these girls. I think we'll have some really great times. =)

Work has been going well. I've been trying to pick up as much overtime as possible and so August is going to be a really busy month. The week after I get home from Florida, I'll be working 80 hours. The paycheck is always nice, but I'm sure I'll feel like I've gone crazy that week. I'll make it through and hopefully still have a smile on my face. :) Might be a sleepy smile... ;)

Today, I'm on a 24 and very much looking forward to tomorrow when I get off. To be honest, we've run nothing but stupid calls all day. I really don't understand some of these people who call 911 when there's nothing we can do for them. Take this for instance (btw, this wasn't our call but I heard Joint dispatch it). You have a child choking and you're probably 5 minutes from the hospital. The child is conscious and breathing, but is complaining that something feels stuck in his throat. Instead of grabbing the child and driving him to the hospital. You decide to call 911. Dispatch gets all the information (lets say that takes a minute or two), then they dispatch the ambulance who's another minute or two getting to their truck and responding. By the time they arrive, it's probably been around 8-10 minutes. So, why exactly would you wait for us when you could be to the hospital way sooner than we could? Your child would probably love you a whole lot better too. ;)
So, my partner and I had a good laugh about this. We had brought a patient back to a hospital and the tech was going to help us move the patient from our cot to the bed. This was a larger patient and so my partner asked the tech if she would get us another hand. (Meaning, find another person to help). Tech says okay and starts looking around the room as if she were going to find an actual "hand" somewhere. My partner realized that she obviously didn't understand and so told her to find another "person" to help us. The tech understood this a lot better and went to find a real person to help. :) You may not think it funny, but my partner and I cracked up about it all the way back to the base. :)

Well, I'm going to run away now and take a nap...if possible. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy and with little sleep, this is what I come up with... :)

Epic Failure! Hillary has failed, once again, to post regularly...but you already knew that. Those of you who continue to follow my blog, you're friends indeed! :) Ok, so I have been incredibly busy with work this week, but that doesn't really explain last week and so forth. I had planned on writing last night, but we were kept busy with calls till after midnight and by then I was exhausted enough that you probably wouldn't have understood a word I said. Actually, it probably would've been no different then some of the posts I have made in the past. ;)
This week I put in 62 hours and the last two days have not been easy. Sleep is wonderful, but this job doesn't always allow that. Sometimes I wonder why I enjoy my job so much... to always have a normal night and you just work days sounds pretty awesome at the moment. :) I most likely would hate it after awhile though, so I'm content with where I'm at. :)
So, Wednesday night I had 4 hours of sleep, which was great since I was working a 9 to 5 shift later that morning and knew I could make it till evening before getting a nap. Ha! That didn't happen... Through a series of events, I ended up working all evening and then working my normal scheduled night shift. And boy was it busy! We ran dumb calls all evening, but I still had fun. I was working with a great partner and we had fun giving each other hard times :) You wouldn't believe how much I get teased at work. I'm a great source of enjoyment.... don't ask me why. It's not like I'm crazy or anything! ;)
Yesterday, my partner asked if he could come to my wedding (Don't worry! I'm not getting married yet.... it was a, "if you get married someday"), because  he wanted to approve of the guy I marry. Then he came up with a better idea and just decided that the guy would have to come to our base so they could approve of him. So yes, whoever I marry will probably have to go through a peer interview with the guys from work. ;) I thought it was sweet though just because the few guys that I really enjoy working with are old enough to be my dad and I guess feel they have to watch out for me :)
There's some things not great about my work, but overall, I feel very blessed that God has given me the privilege to work there and I can't imagine being happier at any other job. :)
I really should be sleeping as it's almost midnight and I only had 3 hours of sleep last night... I think my body is adjusting to little sleep though, and I'm not nearly as tired as I was this afternoon. lol, this afternoon I was falling asleep with Paige in my lap and she was playing games on my phone and saying: "Howie, wake up". :) We had some good times together....when I wasn't falling asleep. ;) I tried getting her to say "Hillary" and I wasn't very successful. She came up with Howiehair instead. :) lol, it's so cute when she says it and maybe I'll catch it on video one of these times and post it up. I love my nieces and the hilarious things they say :)
Tomorrow is going to be a great day! We have my sister's shower at 4 and then all of the girls are going out to Matt's Steakhouse for dinner. So exciting! :) The 3 little girls will be staying at home with Dad, Nathan, and John. lol, need to have a hidden camera for that! Hopefully, it goes smoothly for them and the girls don't drive them too insane. ;)
Well, it's late enough and I should get to bed... I didn't read back over what I wrote, so forgive any mess ups and rambling sentences :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone and have a great 4th of July! =)