Friday, October 29, 2010

Another week means another day in my life.. :-)

And another week has rolled by yet again... sometimes I wonder where in the world time has gone as it seems to slip by me so fast. Most days I feel like all I ever do is work, eat, and sleep... which honestly, that is kind of true. I'm trying to have more of a life though and so I've gotten a group together and on the 14th of November I'll be going skydiving! =) Yep, you heard right. I've wanted to go for so long and I'm extremely excited about it. :) There should be 10 of us going (possibly a couple extra) and everyone is either Fire or EMS, or both. :) Hopefully, I'll get some group pictures and of everyone getting ready, and I'll try my very best to get them all posted up without waiting a couple months. :)

Well, I started this week with 24 hours scheduled and ended up (so far) working 49 hours. :) Oh yeah! I so rock at this overtime deal! ;) I worked a 24 yesterday and got off at 7 this morning. We got about 3 hours of sleep during the night and so I was planning on sleeping in the morning and then getting things done in the afternoon. Yeah... didn't really work out the way I had planned. I got a text at 10:30 from my boss asking if I would come in at noon and work till 5. I had already gotten 2 hours of sleep and so told them I would come in. I seriously cannot say no most of the time. So yeah, we did a bunch of routines and a 911 and after reports were finished I left the base at about 6:30. Thankfully, I have tomorrow off and I can prepare myself for whatever happens next week. :) It shouldn't be too bad, but you really never know these days.

So, quote of the day: "Are you allergic to any allergies?" Yeah, I can't believe I asked a pt that, but I did. My partner and pt got a pretty big kick out of it... I'll admit it was pretty funny. =)

Ok, I'm hitting the sack now as I've almost fallen asleep several times writing this. :) Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ok, here's some pictures... finally. :)

Down in Branson with Naters. :)

Such a cute picture

So funny. :)

EMILY! :) What a great friend!

Naters, with his boxed pizza. ;)

Daniel and his wild hair... hard to tell from the picture but he had spiked up his hair. :)

I made them get their picture with the pig... I'm so nice. ;-)

Daniel and his hat. :)

Nate found a friend to hang out with

No, they're not just staring at each other... they were actually talking. :)

Nathan and Daniel fighting? Such great friends... ;)

And it's us! I love hanging out with these people. :)

Some shots of Nathan.. he didn't know I was taking them at first. :)

But then he saw me.

My newest favorite picture. :) I love my brother so much!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No pictures

Well, I was going to post pictures (I know, shocking) but the internet is being a pain in the butt and it's not wanting to upload. So, who knows when I'll get to it now... I'll try again later and maybe it'll work.

I seriously wish it was bed time now instead of only 6:30.... the last couple days I've been getting about 5 hours of sleep and you never sleep well at work. Oh well. I'm young and it won't kill me, right? =) The next couple days are going to be a blast... I work 16 hours tomorrow, get off at 11, come back in at 6:30, work till 3 in the afternoon, then come back in at 6 that evening to work till 2 in the morning... and then, I come back in again at 6:30. And that is my schedule for the next couple days. :) And yes, I'm racking up good over-time too. I should have 24 hours of overtime at the end of this week. Yay! :) I almost ended up working one of the transport trucks today cause they had a bunch of LDT's come up, but thankfully they got it covered and ended up not needing me. Which is good cause I was able to clean my bathroom and bedroom before crashing in bed for a little bit... wasn't nearly long enough though. :)

OH, exciting news! I just paid off my car. How sweet is that?! I didn't think I would have it paid off for 2 years. BUT, instead, I paid it off in 8 months. :) It'll be so nice to not have to make payments on it every month.

Hm... I think that's all the news I have for today. :-)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The smell that never leaves....

Oh wow.... So, I'm working today and the first call we had was a very smelly person. It smelled so bad it was terrible. I felt like puking... but instead I tried not to breathe. My partner took the call and so he had to deal with the worst of it... BUT, thank goodness for febreze. Now that stuff is seriously a lifesaver! That truck got sprayed soo much with it and it only started to work once our pt was in the hospital. We even carried it in the ER with us and sprayed as we went along. Pretty hilarious. :) Only bad thing is... now my partner and I both feel like we can't get rid of the smell... it's as if it's haunting us. I guess I'll find out when I go home if I actually smell like it or not... lol.

I get to go home at 3! Very excited, as I get to see my nieces. :) I didn't think it would work out this weekend but it did and I'm looking forward to heading home and enjoying a blast with my family. :)

Ok, so that was all written around 1:30 on Saturday and we ended up getting a call right after that and I never finished. So, I decided to post it up anyway even though it's a couple days late.
I did have a grand time at home, but left last night as I knew the kids wouldn't be able to get any school done with me around. :) I am such a distraction... Lol, I would've probably ended up locked in my room if I had stayed. :-)
Today, I'm enjoying a day off and using it to be very lazy. Terrible, right? Well, I did just make banana bread and I'm getting the motivation up to clean my room and bathroom.... so, I'm trying not to be utterly lazy. :)

I'll try and post some pictures up later today, but no promises. :) Enjoy your Monday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The new me! ;-)

Well, there you have it friends! I have finally taken the time to change my blog... quite the change to, right? :) I actually like how it turned out.... let me know what you all think. There's still some tweaking that I'll probably do but for now I'm calling it good cause I'm ready to be done with it. =)

So, everyone have a wonderful evening and I'll be posting again, hopefully before too long. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A post... finally!

Man, I don't think I'll ever get better about posting! Such a terrible thing.... But, life keeps going on even when I don't post so.... yeah. Um, work is still going well. Monday we had a pretty nice extrication accident. Pretty exciting.... except that I ended up driving as we can't have firefighters driving the ambulance if we're running hot, that is, unless they already work for an ambulance district. Totally lame... It was still cool to help with getting the patients out of the truck and onto the backboards and all the excitement that comes with it. :) Oh, and I saw a pretty nasty open fracture.... I didn't think the patient had a foot at first cause all I saw was the bone sticking out. It was cool looking but I do feel bad for the patient as he will have to go through quite a bit to get back to walking on it again. Other than that, we've not had any cool calls. Lol, we did get called to the residence of this elderly lady who wanted us to call her physical therapist and let them know she was too sore to do anything today. Wow.... yeah, we do get calls like that sometimes. :)

Um...lets see.. what other interesting news do I have... Oh, I went to a new doctor to see if we could get any farther with finding out what's wrong with my crazy heart. Didn't really find out anything but I did like the doctor. She seemed very nice and actually seemed interested in what was going on. We did some more blood work to rule out any type of thyroid problem and it all came back fine.... so the next step is to take another stress test and then a heart rate recovery afterward and see how quickly my heart rate comes down. Not sure when they'll schedule it but I'm really hoping it's on one of my off days. I'm sure I'll post if we find anything out....

Ok, so I've really decided that I want to do an adventure race. It sounds soo cool and yet would be really hard! I wish I could do the 8 hour one in December but I'm really thinking there is no way for me to be ready and especially with this heart of mine. I probably would keel over dead after 6-8 hours of my heart being in the 180's... maybe next year...

Oh, something that did not make my day... my debit card was compromised and I had to close it. Made me really upset but at least I caught it when I did and didn't go for awhile with it like that. It just stinks that I'll be without a card for a week or more while I wait for a new one.. talk about a lame deal. Oh well... I'll survive with my checks and my $11 in cash. Lol, it'll make for an interesting week.

Well, I am about as tuckered out as a hound dog... and think I should consider heading in the direction of my bed... 5 in the morning is really early to think about at the moment.
Can't believe I referred to myself as a dog... how sickening.

Hope everyone has a wonderful night! :)