Monday, May 27, 2013

Crazy life....

Has it really been two months since I posted last? How terrible. Life has been busy.  A typical week consists of putting in 50-65 hours and then my off days are spent with friends. There are some days I spend very little time at home. It's draining and some days it feels like way too much, but it will all be over in just over six weeks! Where has the time gone?! Thirteen weeks from today, I will have just flown into Kenya. It's literally mind-blowing! There are still times I get freaked out when I think about it, but I'm so super excited about it that it completely outweighs the nervousness. :) I don't think it will really hit me till I get on the plane to leave MO. It just feels so much like an impossible dream. That I can't possibly be leaving, and that surely God couldn't use me in Kenya. But He has a plan. And that plan has me going to Kenya for eight months to serve the children there. Why me? Why not someone more qualified? Honestly, I have no idea, except that I'm extremely happy and humbled that He would use me. I can't imagine how much this trip will change me and how much I will grow in my relationship and walk with the Lord.

Prayer cards should be in by Friday (or so I was told), and so hopefully by next week I can get them sent out! :D Then in the next week or two I can buy my flights. I still can't believe it. :)

There's not really much to say besides that life has been extremely crazy the last few weeks and has literally made me feel insane at times. It's all good though. I mean, surely I can't get anymore crazier than I am. ;) Our crew saved a life today, which makes for a good start to the shift. Patient had coded with an unknown down time, and we got her back by the time we arrived at the hospital. Definitely more rewarding then getting threatened while at work or having a gun shot victim at three in the morning....which is what happened last week while I was working. Last week was just a bad week. Way too busy and I'm pretty sure I was extremely sleep deprived. BUT, I managed to sleep in for the past several days! Well, today I still got up at seven, but it was way better than five. :)

Lets see....... Oh! Hospital Hill is this weekend! Kinda nervous since my 7 mile run this morning was awful. Best part though will be spending time with my sisters in a huge hotel. I don't know, but I might jump on the beds..... it's been scientifically proven that it's the best way to tell whether a bed will break or not. HAHA. ;) Ok, maybe not. It's still fun though. ;) Even though, if I remember correctly, these beds are not fun to jump on at all. Seriously lame, but oh well. :)

And honestly, I can't think of anything more to say. I'll try and post after this weekend, but no promises.....since we all know how I am. ;)