Sunday, April 24, 2011

Internet issues

Ok, so I'm really sorry there are no pictures up from the play. I worked the beginning of the week and then the internet was all messed up for the last couple days. I know that sounds like I'm making up excuses, but it's the truth. Maybe it'll continue to work through this evening and I'll be able to post some up. No promises though.
Ok, I do have more to say and could write a long post, but I'm really hungry and I feel like raiding the kitchen. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scenery... BORING! ;-)

 Ok, so I know some people hate scenery pictures, but I love them... so just suffer through this post if you're one of "those" people who dislike them.  ;-) lol

Really like this... a lot. :)

Another one that I like... :)

 Another favorite. :) This place was really pretty and I want to go back.

 I really like the background in this one and how it's not in focus. :)

I love the blue in these cloud pictures! So pretty...

Another favorite....
I like the color of this one...

Really love this one too... The blue and yellow are perfect. :)
I'm working again... strange how I only post when I'm working. Pretty much means I go home and do nothing. Well, besides sleep... would that be considered nothing? Probably, but then I again, I don't really care. ;)
I worked a 24 yesterday, finishing up my 8 today, and then tomorrow night I'll work another 8. Guess what?! That equals 40 hours... ;) It has been pretty slow and so I'm incredibly bored and kinda wishing we would get a good trauma. Trauma's are so much more thrilling than medicals. I know that's terrible to say, but I'm only being honest. :)

So, I wasn't planning on going home till Friday cause I had a night shift on Thursday. BUT, and here's the good news, I'm coming home Thursday morning instead!! Yay! Which means, I'll be at every performance! I'm gonna help usher and so that's why I traded out of my night on Thursday. :D Pretty cool, right? I thought so anyway.

Well, I think I'll post up some pictures.. cause I'm that cool of a person. ;-) HAHA, whatever! Sometimes I think my brain has been scrambled and that's why I'm so incredibly strange...and weird. ;-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It's late, I'm tired and working, and I should be sleeping... but, I'm not. So, the last couple days have been a little more than slightly crazy and I'm incredibly happy that I will be going home tomorrow. :-) This is my third night working and I haven't gotten the best of sleep.
Monday morning around 4:30 we got a cardiac arrest and I definitely got an adrenaline boost from that. Most of you have probably seen the back of an ambulance, not a huge place. So, imagine 3 guys and a girl in the back all doing different things and working up a sweat. Yeah, it got really hot back there....I was so glad to go home for a shower. I figure I kinda got my workout for that day. :) Try doing chest compressions for 10 minutes... it'll wear you out. Especially if the guy is over 300 lbs...
 So, the following are things that have happened during my night shifts... You're sleeping and the dreaded tones go off, you: Forget what truck you're working on and jump in the wrong one. Walk towards the supply room instead of heading to the garage. Stand in the doorway, looking all disheveled and sleepy, and ask your partner the stupid question, "Did we get a call?" Pager goes off, *beep beep*, and you turn it off and ignore it... until your partner comes in the door and ask if you're going on the call. You walk off without your glasses and then wonder why in the world you can't see anything. You dream you hear tones go off and get up and head to the truck... only to realize that the tones didn't go off.
And the list keeps getting longer every time I work a bunch of nights. :)

No, this is not my room... mine is much more messier. ;) This is where I sleep when I'm working M111. It's actually a bed, which is nice. The truck I'm working tonight doesn't have beds... more like uncomfortable cushions. But that's okay, at least it's not the hard ground. :)

My partner and I were driving home from a transport to Barnes and we were pretty fascinated by these clouds... obviously, cause I took pictures. ;) These are known as "Lenticular" and normally only form in high altitude areas. Some people have also mistaken them as UFO's. I think there pretty cool looking. :)
Oh, and notice all the traffic? Don't ask me why we always have to take transports to Barnes smack dab in the middle of rush hour traffic. It wasn't as bad as it has been before, but I still hate it. I merged onto the highway driving 10 mph... I hate that.
A little bit better picture of the Lenticular cloud. I'm not seeing a UFO here, but maybe you can. ;)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little girls continued....

She is one of the happiest girls... and apparently, she really loves to swing. :)


Too funny! lol, I wish I could remember why she was making the face. :)
Holding hands... <3

She has the blankest stares sometimes... she's still adorable though. :)

Little girls....

Probably one of my favorite pictures of Bethany. Her eyes are so blue and, well, she's just an adorable little girl. :)

She has a thing with stinking her tongue out when I take her picture. It's cute though. :)
Love this one so much!! All three of my nieces are the cutest things. :)


Paige, such a doll! <3 This is another one that I love the coloring in. :) I need to make prints and frame them all.

 Abigail, such a sweet girl... and getting so big! She'll be 3 this month. :)
I love the coloring in this one... so pretty. :)