Sunday, February 17, 2013

Changes :)

Isn't it funny how God sometimes takes all the plans you had (and thought was His plans for you as well) and then kinda throws them away and seems to say, "No, I want this for you instead." And you're like, really? I thought it was all planned out and this was the way it was going to be? With God, you really need to learn to be flexible because you never know when and where His plans will take you. With that being said..... my plans for this entire year seem to have taken a different direction. And one that I'm okay with. :) I won't go into any details (mostly because there's not much), but I will not be going to Kenya in June as originally planned. And I won't be going through the paramedic program that was starting this July. Here I thought everything was planned out perfectly and was exactly what God wanted, and then He's showed me that He has something even better waiting for me. :)

So, where have I been for the last month?! Well, nowhere really. I've been working like a crazy lunatic like always. ;) I did start a new job (in addition to the ambulance) and I'm enjoying it quite a bit! It's been exactly 4 weeks since I started working at Dunn Bros Coffee. So yes, I can make almost any coffee you could want. ;) It's right next to where I live, which is extremely handy. I'm sure once it warms up some I'll be walking to work instead of driving. :) Anyway, I didn't really need a second job, but it's something totally different (definitely stress free!), and I enjoy making people's coffee....and making their day! Cause we all know how grumpy some people can get when they don't get their coffee on time. ;) hehe. So, whenever I'm not working on the ambulance, I'm usually at the coffee shop. Which means, I work pretty much every day of the week. Thankfully, I do have my evenings off and I still find time to run. :)

Amazing thing happened a few weeks ago. I had my first real baby delivery at work. :) It's a pretty rare thing to happen. My partner has seen 4 in his career, but one guy said the last time he delivered a baby was in 2005. Crazy, right? Usually we get them to the hospital on time. This baby was already coming when we got on scene. Anyway, long story short, many things went wrong on that call, but thankfully both patients were doing good at the hospital. :) That was the highlight of my month I think. And not much has happened since then. :)

Anyway, I need to get ready for work. I work ambulance tonight and then have an hour off tomorrow (that is, if I get off on time) before time to be at the coffee shop. And then I'll get off at 2:30 and have the rest of the day free.......for running and a nap. ;) Hope everyone has a lovely night! :)