Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ok, so I know it's been a really long time since I last posted and that I also need to change my background.... I need a summer look. I feel cold every time I look at my blog now. Ok, so not really. ;) I do need to fix it though....

Well, to fill everyone in, I finished my first semester of college last Friday. Woohoo! It really was an awesome feeling. There were many times that semester that I felt like I was going crazy and wanted to give up, but by God's grace I was able to stick with it. It is extremely difficult to work 40 hours, go to classes, and have time to study. Some days were better than others, but there were some really tough weeks. This next semester, I'm taking fewer credits and I'm hoping that will make me feel a little less stressed.


So, that was a mixture of last night and this morning that I wrote that. Better late than never, right? ;) So, today, I got up late, went running and now I'm making a huge dinner for a couple of guys. Which I'm really hoping turns out.... I'm trying out a new recipe for fudge cake and it didn't cook long enough the first time so I stuck it back in (after it cooled!) and now I'm hoping its done. lol, really not the way you're supposed to cook, but I just have to learn from your mistakes. ;) I'm also making rolls and I hope they turn out too....and aren't nasty like some recipes are. Basically, these guys are going to be my guinea pigs and yet they don't know it. :)
I moved into a new apartment this week (I'll only have one roommate now), and so one of the guys (he's older, have no fear;-) I worked with one night offered to bring my bed over after we got off work that morning. It was extremely nice of him to do that and  so I offered to make dinner for him since he was working the fire department today. SO, it would really stink if the whole meal is a flop.


Yep, so now it's evening and I still haven't posted. I was crazy busy though with all the cooking, so I do have a legit excuse. :) Oh, and dinner was an amazing success! It was so awesome to take the food over to the guys and see their excited faces. I had made meatballs, rice, rolls, salad, and fudge cake. Literally took me all afternoon to cook everything, but I am so glad I did it. Just seeing how happy they were with it made it so worth it! I really love cooking and baking for other people and would do it more often if it wasn't so expensive. The guys actually offered to pay me for making everything, but really my payment was seeing how much they loved it all. :) Seriously, if you've never done something like this before, you should. Believe me, it's very rewarding and addicting! =D

Twelve more days and I'll be in Indianapolis getting ready for Kenya! I'm so amazed how God has worked everything out and has blessed me with so many wonderful friends and family who were willing to support me financially. I have 83% of my budget raised which means only $908 to go! It's still hard for me to believe sometimes that I'm actually going to Kenya. I don't think it will fully sink in until I'm on the flight there. :)

This coming week, I work my last shift at work for the next 2 1/2 months! =) It'll be 4 years in October since I first started working at Boone, so it'll be strange to not work on the trucks. Thankfully, I have enough ETO (earned time off) built up to last me two months. And after a little scare where I thought I wouldn't have my job when I got back, my boss told me that he was going to hold my full-time position for me. A great answer to prayers! :)

Pretty sure there's more to talk about, but my brain is shutting off because of all the food I've eaten.... ;) So, hopefully it won't be too long till I post again and I will try and get my background changed before I leave. :) Hope everyone is having a lovely evening!