Friday, March 26, 2010

Please proceed with caution... may fry your brain with too much information. ;-)

Ok, so it's been another week and I'm just now getting around to posting again... oh well. :)

I had a great time with my family (when do I not?), and Friday night was able to go see Pride and Prejudice with them. :) Fine Linen did another fine job and it was definitely more interesting than I thought it was going to be. :) I have to say though, Mr. Collins and Mrs. Bennet made me laugh the most and seemed to steal the show. =) I'm very much looking forward to seeing Adalie and John perform Snoopy in April. :) I don't want to miss that. :)
Of course, I had to leave Saturday evening so it was a very short visit, but it was worth it. :)

Sunday, I worked... and did absolutely nothing... I think. Now I can't remember if we ran any calls or not! :) Terrible.. :)

Monday, I worked till noon and then went to The Pinnacles and hiked for about 3 hours. :) I had an awesome time even though I was by myself. I also took some books, found a high point, and then read for awhile. :) The rocks are the coolest thing! Their so huge and yet their really easy to crawl long as you're not to afraid of heights. :) The little path that I followed was very tiny and had the rocks going up on one side and then a drop-off going to the water. :) Definitely gives you a thrill! :)

Tuesday, I worked a 16 on the ambulance and learned a ton! :) We went to the Lake on a transport and then had some "no patient contacts". For those of you who don't know, that just means we were either en route and got disregarded, or after on scene the patient refused care. I think we were on our way back from the Lake that I told my partner that we really hadn't had that bad of a day. :) My partner told me not to say that and now if we did get a really bad call he was going to take off my right hand and left foot (makes it difficult to get around). Yes, so most people in EMS are a little superstitious. :) If you say it's been a slow, boring, or not busy day, it sometimes ends up that you work a code or something bad. :) It was later afternoon that we got dispatched for a wreck and as we were pulling out of the garage we heard University get dispatched for a cardiac arrest in our call box, (0ur other truck was on a transport). So, instead, we jumped the cardiac arrest and had University take our car wreck. All the cardiac arrests I've been too they've all been dead by the time we've gotten on scene, so I was really hoping this one would be alive. We got on scene (fire was already there), and found them bagging (just means they were breathing for the patient) this guy. We got him attached to the moniter and then loaded into the back of the ambulance. After hooking the patient up to more leads, I took over the airway. I got to see my partner get an IO (it's like an IV except they use a drill gun and drill into the bone, and it's done below the knee) started, and then he was getting medical direction to knock the guy out so we could maintain his airway better, since he had a gag reflex and we were having trouble breathing for him with the bag. His O2 sats were very low and his heart rate kept dropping and we finally started CPR. At that time, my partner went ahead and intubated the guy since he was out enough that he didn't have a gag reflex. We had fire drive us and we ran hot (lights and sirens) the entire way to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, I think he started to improve some...but I have no idea if he made it through the night. It was definitely the best call ever! And I know that sounds really terrible to some of you and I don't wish that people would go into cardiac arrest just so we can save them... but if it's going to happen it might as well happen when I'm working. :) I'm not sure exactly how long we were out of service for that call, but I'm sure it was a couple hours. And we totally trashed our truck so it took us awhile to clean it up. :) It's a call that definitely gets your adrenaline up, and it's a good feeling to know you helped save someone's life. :)

Then Wednesday and Thursday were rather boring days where I worked in the office and ambulance. :) And I'm working in the office again today... and it's been a rather slow day. But I got to sleep in till 7:45!!! Mind you I didn't go to bed till after midnight, but it was still a good feeling. :) I almost got to sleep in yesterday, but woke up an hour before I needed to thinking I was supposed to be up. Apparently, in the mornings my brain doesn't work right and I forgot there's an 8 between 7 and 9. :) It actually wasn't so bad and I got some reading done. :)

I work a night shift tomorrow and then into a day shift on Sunday. :) So, I get to do a reverse 16... how exciting! ;)

Well, I'm doing my long run today since it's supposed to rain tomorrow.... and I'm hoping I can make it the 8 miles. I got my new shoes on Wednesday and ran 4 or 5 miles without really any pain. :) A marked improvement from last week where I didn't even make it 3 miles before having bad pain. I did wrap both of my legs and that might've been part of it. :) I think I smiled the whole time I ran just because it felt so good to run without hurting and then it was a gorgeous day. :)

Wow! I think I seriously just wrote the longest epistle ever! Sorry for those of you who don't like to read, but Kayla is always telling me I need to write more so it's mostly for her. :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's sunny and I'm going home!

I'm going home today!!! I'm sooo excited! I'll get to see all of my nieces too! I love my family so much and I don't think I'll ever get tired of going home and spending time with them. :) Unfortunately, I have to leave Saturday night because I work at 7 in the morning on Sunday. Oh joy... it's my own fault though. I wasn't supposed to work but when you leave on your schedule that you're free to work than you feel really bad when someone calls and asks you to work, and you tell them you can't. And since I'm still somewhat "new" than I try to get on everyone's good side and take their shifts when I can. The one good thing is that I'll get 40 hours on the ambulance this coming week instead of 16 like I was scheduled to. :) I'm looking at a very busy week though, since, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I'll work in the office. Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I'll work on the ambulance. And on some of those days I'll watch kids in the morning. Then guess what?! I start it all over again the following week! :) Time really flies when you're working every day.... but sometimes it doesn't feel like you make enough money for all the time you put in. :) Isn't that retarded? ;) I think so even if no one else does. ;-)
Can you tell I've had coffee today? :D I didn't go to bed till after midnight and then got up at5:30... and so I'm hoping the coffee will give me the energy I need for this evening so I don't fall asleep while watching Pride and Prejudice. :) Some people might get upset with me if I did that. :) I don't snore so I could probably get away with it. =D

Nothing too exciting has happened this last week... Yesterday I worked ambulance and we didn't get a single call the entire day! It was insane. I did get teased the the whole time I was there about every little thing. I don't really help it either when I say something very blond. ;) I've told them that's why I have blond highlights. =) Oh, and my partner got a big kick out of it when he told me the light was green and I almost went even though it was red. It got told to everyone back at the base... which then brought on some more teasing. One time, while I was backing up, my partner hit the side of the ambulance with his hand to make me think I had hit something. I'm told that it means everyone likes you... Hm, funny way of showing it. ;) I've actually not had it too bad, considering some of the jokes they play on others. I'm glad mine's just teasing. :)

Well, I think I'll dust and vacuum the office since I have nothing else to do. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

My crazy week. :)

Wow, so it's been more than a week since I posted last... I've been terribly busy and life never slows down. :) Don't you just love it when life is like that?! I'm actually having a pretty lazy Saturday so that is nice. :) I did get up early and run my first 5K and absolutely loved it! I think there's another one in two weeks so I'll probably try and do that one too. :-) I think I'm going to get addicted to running races. :)

Tuesday, after work, I went down to Springfield to celebrate a friend's birthday. :) She was having a party on Wednesday and I went down early to spend more time with her...since I hardly ever get to see her. You really should come up sometime, Emily. You're always welcome! =) The party was great and the food was awesome! I ate quite a bit... and then I was on a high all day. ;-) It doesn't take much for me to be on a high.... as most people know. =)
Of course, great times always come to an end and so early Thursday morning I drove back to Columbia and made it in time for work...or 30 minutes after I was supposed to be there. :) Thankfully, no one seemed to mind. :)

Last week went pretty good even though I worked through my weekend. Saturday, Elisabeth and I worked together and saved the city of Columbia from all it's troubles. Ok, so we didn't even come close to doing that. :)
Everyone at work seems to be doing a little better with us working together and not getting us confused for the other. Oh, and I think this is completely retarded, but most people think I'm older than Elisabeth. Can you believe that?! I must look old! And then at bible study, everyone thought I was 25 and in grad school. WEIRD! I must be getting gray hair and wrinkly skin. ;) How sad...

Sunday, was terribly boring all morning and then the afternoon we got busy. We had a motocross accident where the guy went up a jump and he went one way and his bike went the other. He had lower back pain and probably sprained his ankle. He had a few scratches and stuff but other than that seemed fine.
A little before 2 we got dispatched for a motor vehicle accident with ejections. The van had been going north, overturned several times, and ended up in the southbound lane. When we arrived, we saw 3 ejected, 1 was being extricated, and fire had already gotten the baby out. None of those in the vehicle spoke English and we really didn't get a whole lot of information from them because none of us spoke Spanish. One patient was flown and the others were all taken by ambulance. The one that was flown ended up dying soon after that. The others were critical but made it...or the last I'd heard they had.
That was my first big trauma and it was definitely an experience. One of the hardest things is once you get on scene not getting sidetracked by what everyone is doing. There is so much going on that you just want to stand around and watch. It made me realize again how very short life is... In only seconds your life can go a totally different direction, or it can all be over. Another reason why we should all live our life for Christ and give Him all the glory.

Well, that is my epistle for the week. I hope that was long enough for you, Kay. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A wonderful weekend. :)

My awesome weekend is over with and now I'm being my normal workaholic self. =) I had debated whether to go home or not since I worked Saturday till 3 and knew that it would only be about one day that I'd spend with my family. I talked to Kayla and we decided it would be fun to surprise everyone though and I would leave right after work. :) I talked to mom on Saturday and amazingly enough was able to keep it a secret... I finally had to tell her that my relief was there so I could get off the phone and change before heading home. =) We were having a rather serious conversation so I'm glad she wasn't offended that I got off so quickly. :)
I wasn't sure how I would get in the house with no one seeing me since someone is always sitting at the computer and you have a good view of the road... and plus the crazy dogs that bark. The dogs must have been in the woods cause it was all quiet when I drove up and I was able to get all the way to the stairs before Nate saw me. :) Nate turned around, saw me, and showed no facial expression at all. Wow, he's good! Either that or he didn't care that I was there. ;-) I had talked on the phone to Kay right before I got home and so her job was to make sure no one was looking out of the windows. :) Hard job... but she pulled it off wonderfully and was able to get everyone upstairs (before they were all standing around in the kitchen with a clear view of the road). I walked up the stairs to hear Mom asking Kayla what we had talked about. =D That's when I came around the corner and said "Hi!" Wow, I so wish I had had a camera to video tape their expressions. :) It was awesome! Definitely worth the trip even if it wasn't for very long. :)
I actually didn't leave till Monday. I normally watch my cousins in the morning but my aunt had written to say that I didn't need to come in. :) So, I still had to leave the house at 6 but at least I got to spend all Sunday evening with them instead of driving. :)
And that was my story... sorry you all had to put up reading about it. But seriously, you didn't have to read it. :-)

Oh, and some other exiting news. :) I am now registered for the 37th annual Hospital Hill Run! Yay! I'm so excited! I only hope that my shins continue to heal and don't give me any trouble. :) It's not till June 5th so I have some time to get up to 13 miles. Elisabeth had done it last year and wanted all of us girls to go and do it this year. It's going to be tons of fun cause we're leaving all the guys and it'll just be us girls....and maybe a baby. Bethany might not be weaned yet to leave at home. It'll still be fun even with a baby though. :)

Well, work is going well and I picked up a couple extra shifts so that'll take care of Saturday and Sunday. Life wouldn't be all that grand if we didn't work every single day. ;-)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Days wasted....

"Every day is a little life, and our whole life is but a day repeated. Those, therefore, that dare lose a day are dangerously prodigal, those that dare to misspend a day desperate. All days are His who gave time a beginning and continuance; yet some He has made ours, not to command but to use. In none may we forget Him..."

I was reading my devotional this evening and when I read this I immediately thought of someone that I work with. While working together one day, we got on the subject of drinking. Dangerous subject. ;-) Btw, by saying "drinking" I mean those who drink alcohol... didn't want to confuse people if they thought I was talking about water. :) Now, I don't think drinking is a sin but getting drunk is. This person said that a couple times a year he just feels like getting as drunk as he can. "Wow, that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of!" Ok, so I didn't really say that but, come on... What is the point to getting as drunk as you can? He said that everyone loosens up and has fun (most people I've talked to say the same thing). I can have a ton of fun and never drink an ounce of alcohol. But I suppose that's because I have a greater joy and it's in something that will last a lifetime and I won't be terribly sick over it the next day. :-) The above quote reminded me of him just because of how we shouldn't waste our days. Each day is a gift and we should cherish it. Our joy in Christ should be so great that we would desire nothing else but Him.
We did talk about other things and it wasn't just all about drinking. :) Now that I look back and remember the conversation, I realize how sad and dark his life must be and yet he doesn't realize it and he has no desire for anything more than what he has already. We can minister and witness to people, but only God can change their hearts so that they have a desire to know more.

Well, those were my thoughts for the evening and now I should head to bed since it's almost 11 and I had planned on getting to bed early. :)