Saturday, May 7, 2011

So, I've not really been that busy but I've just failed to post. How's that for an excuse? More like a confession.... ;)
Well, work has been pretty awesome lately. I really like working a 24, with either two 8 hour shifts or a 16. Gives me so much free time. :) I've recently been trained to do some of the office work so the lady who does it can leave on vacation. She was gone two days a couple weeks ago and I think I did okay without her. The only bad thing with office work is when you run out of stuff to do then you're completely bored. It helps that I'm at the base and those working usually come in and talk to me. ;) lol, during one of the days, I was officially introduced to the Angry Birds app for my phone. Apparently, it's the coolest thing and everyone was shocked that I hadn't played it. I joked that when our boss got into work we should all sit in a circle on the floor playing angry birds. He would've probably gotten a kick out of it... and then of course told us to get back to work. ;) Sad news is, that he's leaving us. :( By June, we will have a new boss. I'm not totally psyched about it... He has been one of the best people ever to work for. He's able to joke and have fun, but then to also be strict and make sure things get done. He always stands up for us when anything goes wrong. He makes the perfect manager for our base and I'll be really sad to see him go.
I've not had any major calls lately... maybe that'll change. :) This week I worked all nights. Yuck! I really hate working nights. Mostly because I hate sleeping during the day. It was so weird to come home at after 7 and then sleep the rest of the morning...really not used to that and don't want to make it a habit.
Oh, we had a funny call the other night. :) This guy decided to run from the cops and ended up being tased and handcuffed. We got on scene and it's obvious the guy is drunk and on some sort of drugs. Okay, that's not the funny part, the funny part is when the guy starts singing. lol :) First, he sings about Jesus, then he switches to a love song and the cop joins in. I think all 12 sheriffs and I were laughing. It may not sound that funny, but believe me, you would've been laughing or at least had a big grin on your face if you'd been in my place. :) I think I could handle calls like that more often instead of some of the other things we run on.

I'm home for the weekend and enjoying my time. :) Nate came home yesterday for his two weeks off. Wish I could be home for the those two weeks, but unfortunately, I have to work. I don't work till Monday night though, so that's nice. Tomorrow, Kayla has a concert in St. Louis and so we're planning on going to Jacob and Hannah's church in the morning since it's on the way. I've been told it's a really good church, so I guess I'll find out. ;-) Kay's concert is going to be fabulous, I'm sure. She always does a good job and I'm so proud of her. I love you, Kay dolls! <3

Not sure what we're planning to do Monday, but I'm looking forward to spending time with Nate. Tonight we're having pizza, cookies, and watching  Megamind! :D I never used to like animated movies, but I love them now. They've come out with so many good ones!
Okay, I'm gonna quit being a bum in the chair and go take some pictures. ::) Maybe, just maybe, I'll post some up. =)