Monday, February 20, 2012

It has been exactly a month since I last posted. Really did not plan to go that long without at least a small post. Oh well. Life has been extremely crazy for me and I don't think it plans on slowing down any. Sometimes I think, "If only I were smarter, then I wouldn't have to study so much!" And though that might be true to some extent, even smart people have to study. You don't have to be smart to do well in school. It doesn't matter whether or not you're a straight A student. What matters is whether or not you put the time in to learn so that you can achieve the goal you've set for yourself. Easier said than done, right? Definitely. I still get upset when I don't do as well on a test as I think I should have. It's easy to beat yourself up about it, but what good does that really do you? In my case, it just makes  me more upset. My first Anatomy test I was extremely worried and kept telling myself I was probably going to fail. Does anyone else do that besides me?! lol, I'm such a basket-case when it comes to tests. :) Anyway, as I'm freaking out while driving to class, I realized that God is in control and that if I'm asking that His will would be done, then I need to be okay with whatever happens. Even though I was praying that God's will would be done, I really wanted my will to be His will. God has given me so much and yet I still sink so low as to expect Him to give me everything I "think" I need. So, this doesn't mean I still won't get worried about tests, but when I pray that God's will would be done, I really want whatever His will would be. And for those of you curious, I did not fail my test that day and did better than I thought. :)

Besides going to school and studying, I still work my 40 hours each week. For the most part, I've done pretty well with this and have been able to study quite a bit at work. Unfortunately, this last weekend wasn't so great for studying or sleeping. I worked a 24 on Saturday and got (maybe) a little over an hour of studying done and around two hours (combined) of sleeping. That was probably the busiest Saturday I've had in a long time. We had a little bit of everything on that shift: trauma, cardiac arrest, breathing problems, heart attack, stroke, and a couple intoxicated individuals. Besides being busy, it was also a messy/stinky shift. A patient with a bowel movement that ended up leaking off our cot and onto the floor. Needless to say, we didn't get lost going from the fifth floor to the ER because of the trail we had left behind. Cleaning our cot was gross, to say the least.
Our other messy call was the cardiac arrest that we had around 3:30 Sunday morning. Usually these aren't too messy besides the equipment we have thrown everywhere, but this one was a bloody mess.  The patient had blood in her airway when we went to intubate and it managed to get all over our equipment even though we suctioned her. The cool thing is we actually saved her! :) She went from having no pulse to having one, within a few minutes of us being on scene. This would be thanks to CPR, the three rounds of drugs we got in her, and more importantly, because God was not done with her life yet. Last I heard, she was doing pretty well. So, besides having to clean all the blood off our equipment, it was a pretty rewarding call. :)
I worked a 16 yesterday and we slept the whole night which meant that I was able to run as soon as I got off work. So, I am now free to study the rest of the day without interruption! Yeah, that's so not happening. Right now, I'm going to eat lunch and work on making some cinnamon scratch the studying! ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! :)