Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh boy, is it time for bed yet?! I think I could fall asleep right now....
Ok, this is going to be a pretty lame post since there will be no pictures, I'm tired, working, and I need more energy. I think that covers it all. ;)
Well, the exciting news this week is..... well, there just isn't any. I have 2 1/2 hours left of my 16 hour shift and then I'll be making the long drive home. Should be pretty interesting... I imagine there will be lots of singing going on; and talking about the other crazy drivers that are out and about; and pretty much trying to convince myself not to fall asleep. Good thing there's no camera in my car. ;-) It shouldn't be too bad really... it's just the second hour that's the worst. ;)
So far, work hasn't been too bad today. It was pretty consistent in the morning and afternoon, but this evening's been pretty nice. :)
You know what?!?! I just thought of something! I think I'll have vanilla yogurt with strawberries for dessert. :-) Yeah, it's pretty exciting stuff... especially when there's nothing else for dessert. Actually, that's not all true... I did make cinnamon rolls and bring them to work, but I'm really not craving one and besides they're so unhealthy. ;-) Usually I don't care too much about eating that healthy, but this week I was trying to do better and I've substituted chocolate milkshakes for fruit smoothies. :) Of course they will never be as good as chocolate but I've found out I can make a pretty good pineapple strawberry smoothie. :) And they're pretty healthy for you too. A lot of calcium and fruit. You can't get much better than that. :-)
Well, I really don't have a whole lot of anything to say.... so I think I'll end now before I say something even more random and weird. :)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful, enjoyable evening! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This wil be the dump post. ;-)

No, I am not going to talk about our dump where we take our trash (I'm really not that weird)... It's just my way of saying that a bunch of pictures are "dumped" on this blog. ;) Yeah, I know it's retarded but it probably caught your attention and now you're just disappointed I'm not going to talk about an actual dump where we take trash... ;)
Anyway, here's a bunch of pictures so I can at least say I have a cool blog with pictures. ;-)

Bethany has always loved Beric... He seems to love the attention. :)

Hannah and I decorated this awesome bear. :) He was really cute!

Blowing out the candle... actually it looks like she already blew it out. A little late on the timing. :)

We weren't exactly sure how to cut it so we just dug in. ;)

For Bethany's birthday we did cookie monster cupcakes... which had WAY too much icing. :) You can't tell from the picture but there's some really strange looking cookie monsters. Some were so top heavy they couldn't hold themselves up. :)

Such a sweet uncle to feed his adorable little niece. ;)

Patrick and Paige

Yes, he is being Mary Poppins. :)

Abigail loves sitting with "Papa B" while he works... not sure how much he gets done though, she can be quite the distraction. :)

Ew... it's a towel-head!

Seriously, this picture cracks me up! :)

I'm guessing he's showing off his muscles to the girls... typical guy. ;)

Taking her own picture already?

Love it!

She is definitely going to be like mommy and daddy... very photogenic. :)

Well, that's about all I have time to dump... hope you enjoyed them cause who knows when I'll post anymore. ;-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A mashed potato post.... ;-)

Wow, so a lot has happened! I've been working and having fun! ;-) I'm still working my 40+ hour weeks (which is pretty awesome), and then I've been hanging out with one of the girls from the church I go to. We always have such a blast when we're together and it's amazing how much we are alike in some things. :) I actually brought her home with me this last week so she could meet my family... I think she had a good time and my family seemed to enjoy having her there. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th! :) I meant to write a post that day but I was working and we didn't have a lot of breaks. My 4th of July started with a call at 6:50 am (shift starts at 7, but I always get to work early) and it was pretty consistent the rest of the day. I had picked up a day shift on the 5th so I was really worried it would be insanely busy with transports, but it turned out to be an awesome day with two calls the entire 8 hours. Thank goodness too... I was so tired that day cause it was the end of my 32 hours. What we do for overtime.... ;)
I had made breakfast and lunch/dinner stuff (the day before the 4th) so that for the 32 hours I was at work I wouldn't have to eat out at all. :) It worked pretty well, except that it's hard to cook something while you're at work because you're always getting interrupted. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food quite a bit and I got some pretty hilarious comments. :) I was out restocking the truck and this was the conversation between me and one of the guys, "Either you need to marry me or you need to give me the recipe for that coffeecake." "Ok, I'll give you the recipe." "Wow, I don't know if I should be offended by that comment or not." Someone overhearing the conversation replied, "It's because you're like 20 years older than her!" =) I got this one quite a bit that day too, "Are you like Martha Stewart or something?" :) Haha, not even close! I just like to cook and make things for others to eat. :-) Here's a conversation between my partner and I on Monday afternoon... "What are you doing this evening?" "Oh, I'm probably going to hang out with a friend or something." "Well, I'm working again tomorrow and you really should bring in some cinnamon rolls." "I would if they didn't take so long to make, but I'm tired and going to be lazy the rest of the evening." "You really should think about it since peer evaluations are coming up." :-) For those wondering, I did not make cinnamon rolls the next day and I did hear about it from my partner again, "How come there's no cinnamon rolls on the table?" :-) If I had the money to cook for work all the time I would, just cause I love having others enjoy the food I make, but it can get pretty expensive after awhile. I think I could probably get them to pay some money for groceries, but I haven't asked. :-)

I'm working again today and I realized that I've worked the last 3 Sundays. :( I don't have a Sunday off until the 1st. Weekends are nice to work, mostly because you get weekend pay and there's only two crews. But I really want to have my Sunday's back where I can go to church instead of spending it at work. I suppose somebody has to do it though.... When I finish up here I'm going to try and listen to some Alistair Begg and hope we don't get a call. :) Those of you who have never heard of Alistair Begg should really look him up and download his free podcasts on

Hopefully it won't be too long before I write again. :) I never did post up pictures, but maybe I'll get to them eventually. :-)

Oh, and for those wondering about my odd title about mashed potatoes... well, after I was finished writing I was trying to come up with a good title to describe everything and all I could think of was it being a bunch of rambling words all mashed together... and when you think of mashed doesn't everyone think of mashed potatoes? Well, maybe only I do... ;-)