Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's a purdy sight!

Well, ain't this just the purdiest sight you've ever done see! It's Hillary on this here blog of hers.... rareness! =) Well, I'm not dead. Yay! I've had a good couple weeks. Went home the last two weekends, and then filling in the other days with work. This week has gotten slightly insane and I'm not even finished with it yet. I worked a 9-5 shift on Tuesday, a 24 on Wednesday, got asked to work today at 10 and then didn't get off till 6:30, I work tomorrow 7-3, and then another 24 on Saturday. I'll end up with over 30 hours of overtime which is pretty awesome. :) Today was crazy. We went through 3 trucks today... and no, I did not wreck them. That's the first thing you all thought, right? ;) Our first truck was leaking/pouring out fuel (never a good thing), and so we switched to a new truck. It proved to be a good one, except that we did end up switching out of it after our transport. Nobody bothered to tell me why... Finally, we got into the 3rd truck and we stuck with it. It had just come from the shop and so we figured we wouldn't have any issues with it. WRONG! Guess what didn't work? The sirens! We got a call right after switching into it and our sirens wouldn't turn on at all. Thankfully, one of our other trucks jumped the call for us so we could take the truck back to the shop. But, while heading there we got another call. We obviously didn't run hot to it and after we finished we were able to get over to the shop. Turns out it was an easy fix and in less than 5 minutes we were back on the road. Of course, we got a late call and were 30 minutes late getting off work. It is somewhat annoying to never have a set time that you get off. Oh well, life really does just keep going on whether you get off work on time or not. ;)

This is what I'm listening to at the moment: The Piano Guys. If you've never heard of the Piano Guys, you're really missing out! Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson are awesome musicians and I love pretty much all their music. Listen to them. I promise you won't be disappointed. I have a hard time picking my favorite song as all of theirs are good. :) Oh, and if you like them on Facebook they will post every time they have a new song out. It's very handy. :)

Well, I seriously need to get to bed. It's already after 11 and I have to be at work by 7. Yuck!
Night all and sleep well!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I loved the boat... a lot. :) It was almost as cool as going parasailing, but not quite. ;)

Well, you all know who he is. :)

So.... if you don't hold the leg straps when you go up you'll get a wedgie. Thankfully, they told us that before it happened. ;)

I look like I'm freaking out but really I'm just very excited and probably yelling something. ;)

Man.... I so want to do that again. It was such a blast. :)

We just look like a speck.. 

And we were dunked! That was definitely cool. :)

The guy in red shorts was yelling for us to stand when we came in....

and Nate missed it.... the camera was too fascinating to him. ;)

And it's Uncle Craig and Aunt B's turn!

They had just as much fun as we did. :)

Preparing for "launch"... ;)

Uncle Craig is already taking pictures... love it! :)

Obviously, the guy said something funny... I don't even remember what it was, so I guess it wasn't that funny. ;)

I love how high you get and how peaceful it is. 

I didn't get one of them actually hitting the water.. this is as they were coming up. 

Yeah, they liked it :)

I'm so glad we got to spend time with them. They were pretty fantastic. :)


 I really like this picture. They're so happy! :)

Group picture with our boat driver! :)

So, after all these pictures of parasailing, you're probably thinking how fun it would be to do....AND, YOU'RE RIGHT! ;) I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again, if you're at the beach it's a must! You won't be disappointed! Well, unless you're afraid of heights...cause then you'll just be freaking out and that is never fun. ;) 
Oh, and the pictures from our water-proof camera didn't copy over to my computer so I'll post them whenever I get them again. :)

More vacation pictures....we're still on the first day! lol

Ok, so back to the vacation pictures.... if you all are still interested. If not, just don't look at them. ;) I'm so helpful. =D

Waiting for our lunch to arrive. 

This was our view during lunch...absolutely beautiful!

 It was such a beautiful day and all my pictures turned out fantastic!

Now who would ever want old beer. ;)

It's a bar for RA's! For those of who you don't know, Nate is an RA at CofO.

I really loved the palm trees. 

This was pretty in color, but I liked it in black and white too. :)

And another palm tree picture. :)