Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Wow, I am so incredibly blessed! It amazes me how many people took the time to post on my wall to say "Happy Birthday". I kinda feel special... ;) So, I am now 22, whatever that means. I don't feel any older and am still my crazy, normal self. Is it okay to use crazy and normal in the same sentence? I'm going to say it is... ;)
This has been the most unusual and probably one of the best birthdays I've had! You're wondering how that works, so I'll tell you. :) I started my day by working a night shift. Yep, first thing I did on my birthday was wake up at three and run a call. I got a total of 5 hours of sleep which made me pretty happy. :) I got off work at 7, went to the coffee shop  and did homework while waiting for my Psychology class at 9. I finished all my classes around 1:30 and then went and had the oil changed in my car. I then came home, took a nap and then listened to music while editing pictures. And that has been all I've done all day! :) I'm sure you're thinking that's the strangest birthday ever... Well, I very easily could've been upset that I had a cold (which has made me lose my appetite for the last two days) and couldn't spend time with my family, but that would've just made me sad and so I refused to dwell on it. :) I instead reminded myself of all that God had blessed me with and that I was going to be thankful for my day no matter what happened. One thing I was very happy to see this morning, was the sun! It seems like the majority of my birthday's have been rainy, so seeing the sun shining made me pretty excited. It did cloud up by later morning, but just seeing the little bit of sun this morning was enough. :)
So, now you understand why it was an unusual, but good birthday. :) Besides, I was given the perfect gift in January when my prayers were answered about serving in Africa. Seriously, God has greatly blessed me and I can't help but be happy about it! =)
Well, I wanted to write more, but my head is bothering me and I'm thinking I should take my 22 year old bones to bed soon. ;) Before I leave though, I will leave you all with a picture. Amazing, right? It's been forever since I posted a picture! ;)