Sunday, February 27, 2011

A crazy Saturday.... :)

1.5 more hours left to my shift and I'm done for a couple days! :) Today has been incredibly slow. One call at 2:30 and another just a little bit ago and that's been it so far. Not that I like being so busy you don't have time for anything, but it does get old after awhile just sitting here. Yesterday the calls were pretty steady. I thought we were going to run on crazy people all day cause that's what it seemed like. In the morning we had a guy who drank probably a half of gallon of vodka and he then decides to call us. We get him moved to the cot with some difficulty as he is not a small guy at all. We had trouble getting him to stay upright on the cot as he kept wanting to lean. I worried for a little bit that the cot was going to tip but thankfully, it never did. All seemed to be going well. We got to the hospital and I came around back to help take the pt off the monitor. He kinda flipped out then... He swung his arms at me and then tried hitting my partner. He ended up taking himself off the monitor and going after my partner. We finally got him in the ER and the officers arrived soon after. He was drunk enough that I don't think he could ever do much damage, but he went after my partner ready to fight. A good reason to never get that drunk... you can't control your actions.
One of our other pt's that day thought he was zombie. He asked us if he had come back from the dead. We assured him he hadn't. I couldn't help but smile though. ;)
We were transporting this elderly man back to the nursing home and he asked me if we were going to take the train. I told him that we were close enough that we didn't need to take a train. As we were about to pull him out of the truck he asked me if we were at the rock concert. Nope, not at all... :) Talk about an interesting shift. lol
Our one legit call was a young girl in SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) with a rate of 220. That's incredibly fast...for those who didn't know. I have never seen a heart rate that fast on the monitor....neither had my partner for that matter. lol, the firefighter on scene was telling me the vitals and said that it was going so fast he couldn't count it. I believe that! It's hard to count a heart rate going 160's. For those curious, she ended up converting it herself back down to around 120-130's.
So, that's what my shift yesterday consisted of. :) I'm so excited that I'm off work for a couple days though!

Well, my darling sister just got online and so I'm going to go and chat with her. She never gets online so I'm pretty excited. =D

Friday, February 25, 2011

No work! :)

Today is my second day that I've had off and I'm very much enjoying it. :) Yesterday, I was pretty lazy and didn't do a whole lot.... except sleep, read, and watch movies. I was tired from my shift the day before and ended up not getting very much sleep... that's my excuse for my lazy day. Today, is going to be a little different. I'm going to run in a little bit, and then I need to run a few errands. So, that'll keep me from having two lazy days in a row. ;-) I then work the next two days, off two, work one, and then off the rest of the week. I love getting my 4o hours done in two days. It makes for a nice week. :)

So.... not much to say about my life. Oh, I went home last weekend and didn't leave till Tuesday. It was pretty awesome since I hardly ever go home for long. I had a good time and enjoyed seeing Naters while he was down. I don't think I had seen him since Christmas... How sad is that?! Pretty sad... I had missed my little brother. :) lol, I like calling him little cause he's really not little. He's way taller than me, but I'm older and so I can call him little.

Yeah, so... I'm pretty boring. I really have no exciting news to tell.... Oh, I switched my bed around in my room! Oh wait... that's not really exciting at all. I needed a little bit of a change in my life and that was all I could come up with. How pathetic! sigh. I need a life... :)

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying this fabulous weather we're having of dreary snow/sleet and no sun! I'm not sure I am... ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

These were taken a couple weeks ago when we got our first snow. Amazingly enough, I was off work one day and decided to go out and take a few pictures. I had fun... until I got cold. ;)

Not sure why, but this picture makes me think of mountains. :) If you have a good imagination (or maybe a weird one ;-), then the rocks in the background look to be a mountain.... you really do have to have an imagination to see it though. ;-)
I love the reflection in the water...

This is part of a church and I really like it. Talk about some cool wedding pictures..... ;-)

And that's it! Not too many, but I didn't want you all to be bored. ;) And it's almost nine so I'm going to try and get to bed early. Ha! We'll see if it actually happens though. ;)
Night all!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ramblings on Valentine's Day... :)

Oh wow.... I haven't posted in a month! I have really neglected my blog. Things should settle down a little bit more now so hopefully, I'll get back to posting more regularly. :)

Work has been crazy the last couple weeks and on top of all that I was trying to study for my ACT. Which, I did take on Saturday and so I'm now done with it...hopefully forever. :) I didn't think I was too nervous going in on Saturday but then as I'm sitting there waiting for the test to start my heart rate was above 100... apparently, I was more nervous than I thought. ;) Oh, and a funny thing is that Patrick dreamed the night before that I got a -3 on it. Lol, I think it's hilarious that he had the bad dream and I didn't. =)

Work is great. This week I'm only working 8 hours of overtime so it's a good break. :) And I get to do my 40 hours in 41 hours! ;-) Isn't that just kinda cool? I like it cause then it means I'm off for the rest of the week. So, after I get off work Friday morning I'm planning on going home. I haven't been home in ages it seems and I'm so excited about it! Nate is going to be there and so are Hannah, Jacob, and the girls! =) I love my family!

I have pictures of the crazy blizzard we had, but they're all on my phone so I'll try and figure out how to post them up. :) We probably got about 20 inches of snow. And it was definitely a blizzard. I worked every day that it snowed and it was pretty bad. Visibility was awful and then you had crazy people walking in the middle of the road. Not sure what they were thinking, but its no wonder people get hit by cars. You don't walk in the middle of the road, when the snow is blowing and the drivers are having enough trouble just seeing the road, and expect not to get hit. No, I did not hit anyone... for those wondering. I just felt like having some words with them. ;) Oh, and don't ever text and drive if you're unable to pull over for an ambulance that has it's lights and sirens going. I mean really, what is so hard about pulling over for two seconds as we go by? That completely annoys the life out of me. And pull over to the right... don't pull left cause it makes life that much more complicated. I almost hit a guy today as he decided to go left and just when I'm about to pass him on the right, he decides to switch sides. Ok, so maybe it would've been more his fault, but I would've gotten in trouble for it. So, keep these things in mind when you see an ambulance with lights/sirens going. :-) Oh, and don't panic whatever you do. ;-)

Ok, so I'm done with my ramblings about reckless drivers. ;-) I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day. :) I think I'm going to bed now... Sleep sounds absolutely wonderful at the moment. =)